Walk through any design

In 2015, a lightbulb went off

What if a rendering was interactive?

As a side project at the University of Illinois School of Architecture, an interactive website was made to display a competition project.

The idea was to represent architecture in a new way - interactively and on the web.

In 2018, Digital Spaces was founded

Digital Spaces was born to create custom interactive experiences for clients in Los Angeles.

All projects were coded by hand and delivered by a link in email.

In 2020 We Go 3D

In 2020 we automated most of the process in house for 3ds Max, where experiences could be made in just a few hours with minimal code.

We felt that we had a workflow that we could share with the industry through a web platform.

In 2022 we launched a beta for 3DS Max users

In 2022 we launched a beta of our platform where anyone from 3DS Max could make their own Digital Space within minutes.

Today, you can create from many 3d programs

In 2023 we released the ability to accept 3d files from most rendering applications, bringing us one step closer to our goal of walking through every design.

Uploading 360 panos and a 3D model to digitalspaces.io

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