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Digital Spaces for designers

Create from any software

A Digital Space is created from any software that supports 360 rendering and exporting .fbx, .dae, or .usd

Step 1: Place views in your 3D model

Step 1

Set views in your model

How it works

360 degree render image

Step 2

Render 360° images




Step 3: Export your 3d model

Step 3

Export 3d model




Step 4: Upload to digitalspaces.io

Step 4

Upload to digitalspaces.io

Upload in minutes

Creating a Digital Space is as easy as file-export, drag-and-drop.

We are built from the visualization industry and plug directly into standard workflows.

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Uploading 360 panos and a 3D model to digitalspaces.io

Next generation tools

We spent years building the platform and delivering experiences as a visualization studio working with artists like Jay-Z, Rhianna, and Drake.

We are excited to open this platform to the industry, starting for free.

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