How it works

A Digital Space is comprised of 360° images and a 3d model.

Export from applications that support usd, dae, or fbx.

Read the docs

Step 1: Place views in your 3D model

Step 1

Set views in model

Read the docs

360 degree render image

Step 2

Render 360° images




Step 3: Export your 3d model

Step 3

Export your 3d model




Step 4: Upload to

Step 4

Upload to

Behind the scenes

When inside a Digital Space, you are viewing a 360° equirectangular image mapped to your 3d model.

Projection onto a 3D model

Projection from view location

Image projected to model

99%+ Model Reduction

When you upload your model to, we optimize it to around 5mb. Being this light-weight allows us to work on any device.

Original 3d model mesh

Original Mesh (230mb)

Optimized 3D model mesh

Optimized Mesh (2.3mb)

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